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Doctrina’s awareness campaign

EPI case study

How did we reach nearly 500.000 million people in just three months?

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Doctrina’s awareness campaign

EPI Case Study

How did we reach nearly 500.000 people in just three months?


Prepare and execute an online campaign to raise awareness about exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) and help patients identify such health issues

  1. Step: Respect the client’s wishes and understand the problem

Several tests are available to diagnose EPI and determine the functions of the exocrine portion of the pancreas. Diagnostic evaluation of such tests is difficult, especially in mild to moderate forms of EPI. It is estimated that more than 2.400 patients in Slovenia struggle with EPI.

Because the pancreas of these patients does not produce enough enzymes due to cystic fibrosis, swelling of the pancreas (chronic pancreatitis), removal of part or all of the pancreas (pancreatectomy) or other conditions, they cannot digest food properly.

2. Step: Action

As the disease is not well known among the general public our client contacted us to prepare and execute an online campaign with the goal of raising awareness of EPI.

We rolled up our sleeves and got to work. First, we created a website (https://mojaprebava.si/) to educate the interested public about EPI. There, visitors could find all the information needed about high-risk groups, symptoms, and the connection between EPI and food. Knowing that many people prefer visual content, we also prepared an educational video on the website. Visitors could also order a free booklet that contained all the important information about EPI.

To find out if they suffer from EPI, visitors were offered to complete a six-step questionnaire that we created together with our client.

We have reached pretty impressive results
in just three months:

number of ad impressions
people reached
website views
time spent on website
questionnaires filled out
free booklet orders
time spent on website
questionnaires filled out
free booklet orders


By creating a website

Our goal was to create a place where people could get all the information about EPI. And a website is the most efficient way to do that. In just three months, 38.262 people visited our website. We also measured the average time spent on the site and with 3:14 minutes we reached an impressive number. Why is that so impressive? Research shows that the average time people spend on a website is only about 45 seconds.

By offering a free printed booklet

If you still wanted to know more about EPI, you could order a free booklet to your selected address.
We shipped 369 books.  

By involving our visitors

Engaging the people who visit the website, or the people are the target of the campaign, is critical for a successful campaign.
Our six-step questionnaire did just that by helping people determine if they possibly suffer from EPI.
Analysis of the questionnaires revealed that 42 % of those who completed them potentially suffered from EPI. Anyone who reported chronic discomfort was advised to see their doctor.


By creating a great Facebook campaign

Since our goal was to reach as many people as possible, we launched a well planned Facebook campaign. With differently tailored ads that were displayed 783.106 times (impressions), we were able to reach 476.674 people (almost 25% of country’s total population – that’s the number of people who actually saw our ad). Our CTR was 5%, which means 5% of all ad impressions were clicked. 38.262 people visited the website and 7.322 of them went on to fill out and complete the questionnaire. 


We have found that there is great potential for disease awareness campaigns and that the public wants to know more about them. EPI became a much better known disease among people because of our campaign.

We also found out that talking about medical issues in an informative and educational way is very appreciated.

We chose to take a subtle, educational route rather than pushy advertising aimed solely at communicating how great someone is. We believe that great customer relationships come from presenting your product in an educational way that offers potential customers real facts and educates them, rather than just pushing them to buy some product.


petra vidic testimonial

Petra Vidic

Product Manager, Viatris

“When we first approached Doctrina with the idea of putting together a website for the general public and at the same time with a content that is treated as disease awareness, we were moderate in expectations. But the approach of Doctrina was never about the impossible or the obstacles and in our opinion this proactivity is the key factor of success when talking about the development of the campaign, upgrading the initial ideas with better solutions and combining best learnings from classic advertising and transferring them into the pharma field. With all the regulations when it comes to promotion in pharma and with limitations of how to reach the end consumer/patient – Doctrina found successful solutions for all our problems/issues and we have had 2 very successful campaigns, with excellent results on social media advertising, awesome questionnaire results, page views, orders of printed booklets… All the parameters that we used for estimation of success of the campaign were above expectations.”

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