In knowledge we trust

Doctrina is increasingly evolving into one of the most relevant online providers of health education. In Slovenia our users spent as much as 315 days, 10 hours, 33 minutes and 21 seconds watching our educational videos, boosting our cumulative views over 50.000, in 2020.

Our basic mission remains to share knowledge since Slovenian healthcare professionals are willing to invest substantially in their knowledge to improve their work performance.

Doctors, nurses and pharmacy employees can use Doctrina platform to access knowledge anytime and from wherever they are, therefore they can offer their patients professional and competent advice. 

Our team is aware that pharmacists are not immune to lack of time due to their constant contact with patients, other healthcare workers, pharmaceutical companies and various others partners. 

Especially in times when we are struggling with the global health crisis and time is particularly valuable. That being so, we shall strive to deliver important information on new pharmaceutical products, medicines, therapies and research and present them concisely in a user friendly format  on our platform. Keeping up with new knowledge via our e-learning approach is having people on the both sides of the computer screen acting as allies when it comes to professionally treating patients seeking help. And at the end improving lives of patients is what Doctrina is all about from its beginnings.

Have a question about how we can collaborate? Contact Anja Juric or Robert Furar for more.